HN4 & N100 Nickel Groups


The HN4 Nickel Groups’ exploration targets are bordering or in close proximity to FPX Nickel Corp.’s Decar Project where their potentially carbon neutral Baptiste deposit has recently been confirmed as one of the world’s most robust large-scale nickel projects. The N100 Nickel Groups has confirmed elevated values of nickel, cobalt and chromium in rocks and stream sediments, and documented presence of awaruite.

Total Claims

Five (5) claim blocks in 1 group [Nickel 100]

Total Area

8,659.88 hectares (~21,399 acres) [Nickel 100]


The Hard Nickel Group claims are partially underlain by rocks like those hosting the Decar Project, in which FPX has invested ~$25M to explore & develop to date. The Nickel Project infrastructure is solid. It has good access by paved and gravel roads & helicopter. Hydroelectric power lines cross the project region. An inactive CNR rail line lies a short distance to east [Hard Nickel] & BC Rail line lies about 12 km to south [Nickel 100].


The NI43-101 Technical Report was prepared on October 27, 2021 and filed on November 16, 2021. Metallic mineralization of these projects include nickel, cobalt and chromium. Some nickel mineralization occurs as awaruite, a naturally occurring nickel-iron alloy first discovered in the area in 1983; awaruite is important in the manufacture of environmentally-friendly EV batteries. Reports of exploration on and around the property are available dating back to 1974.