Thacker Pass


Our very early-stage Northern Nevada Lithium Project’s target is a lithium clay deposit of the type of Lithium America’s Thacker Pass – one of America’s largest lithium deposits – or Nevada’s Clayton Valley, home to America’s only current lithium production.

We will strategically expand our land position through an additional staking program targeting known sedimentary horizons with potential for lithium bearing clay deposits.

Total Claims: 38 mineral claims in 1 group

Total Area: to be disclosed soon hectacres (acres)


Mapping has identified regional rocks as being of similar age & composition as the McDermitt Tuff that hosts Lithium America’s Thacker Pass lithium deposit, one of America’s largest lithium deposits.

Lithium Claims

Lithium Project


The immediate project area has not been the subject of modern detailed geologic mapping or age dating. There has been limited stream sediment and rock chip sampling accomplished to date show strong initial lithium readings. Sediment samples include 1,980 ppm and 1,540 ppm lithium. Rock chip samples include up to 367 ppm lithium though not being collected in the anomalous drainages.