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British Columbia Nickel Project

The British Columbia Nickel Project​ is exploring for nickel deposits in close proximity to FPX Nickel Corp.’s Decar Project.

Overview of British Columbia Nickel Project​

The Baptiste deposit at Decar has recently been confirmed as one of the world’s most robust large-scale nickel projects, potentially making this region a valuable area for nickel exploration.

The Company has a 100% ownership of its British Columbia Nickel Project. The Surge British Columbia Nickel Project consists of two non-contiguous mineral claims groups, located in central British Columbia. These projects are hosted by an ultramafic/ophiolite complex, a similar mineralized suite of rocks to that hosting the Baptiste and Van deposits of FPX Nickel. In 2022, Surge spent $900,000 further developing this exploration target.

The FPX property host two greenfield discoveries of nickel mineralization in the form of a naturally occurring nickel-iron alloy called awaruite (Ni3Fe), which is amenable to bulk-tonnage, open-pit mining. Awaruite mineralization has been identified in four target areas within this ophiolite complex, being the Baptiste and Van deposits, and the B and Sid targets. Since 2010, approximately $28-million (U.S.) has been spent on the exploration and development by FPX.” (Source: FPX Nickel news release 13-09-2022).

In December 2022 FPX announced a $12 million investment from a “strategic investor”. This stake represents an approximately 9.95% equity position in FPX as it methodically develops a significant and potentially carbon neutral nickel mining project, one of the largest undeveloped projects in the world. This placement may have important future implications for FPX since critical minerals projects are attracting newfound interest from pension funds and automakers to help tackle a looming shortage of battery metals.

Total Claims

Five (5) claim blocks in 1 group [Nickel 100]

Total Area

8,659.88 hectares (~21,399 acres) [Nickel 100]


The Hard Nickel Group claims are partially underlain by rocks like those hosting the Decar Project, in which FPX Nickel has invested ~$25M to explore & develop to date. The Nickel Project infrastructure is solid. It has good access by paved and gravel roads & helicopter. Hydroelectric power lines cross the project region.


The NI43-101 Technical Report was prepared on October 27, 2021 and filed on November 16, 2021. Metallic mineralization of these projects include nickel, cobalt and chromium. Some nickel mineralization occurs as awaruite, a naturally occurring nickel-iron alloy first discovered in the area in 1983; awaruite is important in the manufacture of environmentally-friendly EV batteries. Reports of exploration on and around the property are available dating back to 1974.

Key Advantages


We follow strict policies and procedures to minimize the impact of our exploration and development activities on the environment and local communities. We engage with local stakeholders and respect their rights and interests.

Market Potential

The demand for Lithium is expected to increase significantly in the coming years due to its crucial role in the production of electric vehicle batteries and energy storage systems, driven by the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market


With our expertise in mineral exploration and our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, we are well-positioned to unlock the potential of the Lithium deposit and create value for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Li-ion battery prices fell from 2010, making EVs more affordable​


Percentage that EV sales rose in 2020 YoY, breaking all records​


How much EV battery demand nearly increases by 2030


Countries fully phasing out fossil fuel cars over the next 10-30 years

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