Electric Vehicles, Metals, and Growth

Push the Start Button – There’s No Stopping This Movement.

A coming surge in EV sales and metals demand is a ‘shoo-in’ and here’s why…

Long-lasting, quick-charging batteries are essential to the expansion of the electric vehicle market. Up until now this has been a problem. The Harvard Gazette reported that Harvard researchers have solved this dilemma with a long-lasting, stable, solid-state lithium battery.

This battery technology could increase the lifetime of electric vehicles to that of the gasoline cars — 10 to 15 years — without the need to replace the battery. With its high current density, the battery could pave the way for electric vehicles that can fully charge within 10 to 20 minutes.

This has left vehicle manufacturers with little choice but to shift focus towards low or zero-emissions vehicles. What may have seemed like a pipedream just a year or so ago, is soon to be our reality. 

In fact, the world’s #1 car maker Volkswagen has committed to go ALL electric by 2035. 


has pledged to sell 30 all-electric vehicles by 2025.


plans to sell only zero-emissions vehicles across all its major markets by 2040.


to go all electric in Europe by 2030.


will introduce last gas model in 2025, go all-electric by 2030.


will launch electric models of its entire Jaguar and Land Rover line-up by 2030.

As more car manufacturers go electric, and the infrastructure grows, how high will metal demand go?

At Surge Battery Metals we are excited about the present and the future. In this era of massive change and transformation, there is so much good that’s happening, and we’re working hard to pass that on as value to our shareholders.