As an ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) mandated company, we’re focused on battery metals that will advance the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) to create a cleaner world while building new industries.

Environmental Policy

Economic Prosperity without Compromising the Environment

We seek to minimize our company’s environmental footprint through implementing environmentally responsible practices through all phases of the mining life cycle, with a particular focus to the early and ongoing exploration efforts we undertake as part of our overall business. We view effective management of the environmental effects from our operations as critical to our success as an organization.

  • Sound environmental practices are considered to be a core element in our operations.
  • We seek to work with partners and sub-trades that share our values on the environment and the reduced impact caused by our mining and exploration activities.
  • We are committed to allocating the resources, and the ongoing training and awareness necessary to help achieve our stated objectives.
  • We believe that we can reduce our impact on the environment.
  • We will take all necessary precautions to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and we will develop controls to mitigate environmental risks.
  • We regularly review our performance and measure outcomes against globally recognized standards.
  • We are committed to ensuring that the environment aspects are being addressed and the environment is protected for generations to come.
  • We respect the jurisdictions in which we operate, abide locals laws, permit and license conditions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Respecting Customs, Culture And Values In The Communities In Which We Operate

We consider operational excellence to include more than a return to our shareholders; it also considers our employees and their families, the communities where we work and the impact on our environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment aims to achieve a balance of economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social responsibility that extends beyond the economic life of our operations.

  • We base our principles on accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour and respect for stakeholder interest.
  • We ensure that personnel are trained in the above-mentioned principles and that an awareness program is in place to support this Policy.
  • We believe that meaningful and productive work is an essential element in human development. Surge Battery Metals Inc. does not condone unfair labour practices.
  • We will not tolerate discrimination in any form and we promote equality of opportunity.
  • We seek to minimize the company’s environmental footprint through implementing environmentally responsible practices through all phases of the mining life cycle.
  • We believe in building relationships within the communities in which we operate.
  • Our operations continue to provide opportunities for the communities in which we operate.
  • We support and enhance our local supplier strategy, where practical, sourcing goods and services from local or nearby businesses.
  • We have a responsibility to exercise due diligence to identify, prevent and address actual or potential adverse impacts as a result of our business activities.
  • We utilize our relationships with stakeholders to promote a fair and positive outcome for all parties.


Our Sustainability Charter

We are committed to sustainable development and the goal of zero harm to people, the environment and our host communities. This commitment means that we strive to act consistently in all of our operations in relation to health & safety, the environment community relations and social development.

Wherever we operate, we will develop, implement and maintain management systems for sustainable development that drive continuous improvement, ensure we operate in a socially responsible manner and meet or exceed all applicable legal requirements.

To achieve this vision, we will:


  • Conduct our business in an ethical manner and in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and corporate requirements;
  • Not compromise on our safety values and seek ways to promote and improve the health of our workforce and the community;
  • Safeguard the environment through monitoring, efficient use of resources and having regard to industry best practice;
  • Partner with local communities for long-term mutual benefit; and
  • Ensure sustainability is an integral part of our business plans and decision-making processes.

To successfully implement this charter, we will engage with and support our employees, contractors, suppliers, business partners and host communities to share responsibility for meeting these objectives.

Surge Battery Metals Inc. sets goals that support this Charter, monitors progress and ensures continual improvement through operational and corporate auditing and reporting processes. This Sustainability Charter is supported by an internal Health & Safety Policy, an Environmental Policy and a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. Every employee, contractor, supplier and business partner has a responsibility to comply with this Sustainability Charter and the supporting policies. Together, we will succeed in our mission to operate in a sustainable manner.