Exploration Projects

We are a mineral exploration company committed to discovering and developing high-quality battery metals deposits that will power the sustainable future. Our Lithium projects are a key part of our portfolio, as Lithium is a crucial component in the production of electric vehicle batteries and energy storage systems.

Flagship Property

Nevada North Lithium Discovery

Our exploration work has identified several Lithium-rich zones, which we plan to further explore in the future. We are also evaluating various development scenarios to maximize the value of the lithium project.

Nevada North Lithium Project

Our Lithium Projects

Nevada North Lithium Project

Teels Marsh Lithium Project

The Galt Property – San Emidio Desert

Most Recent Drill Results

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Lithium Clay Deposits

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Our Nickel Project

Legacy Projects

Key Advantages


We follow strict policies and procedures to minimize the impact of our exploration and development activities on the environment and local communities. We engage with local stakeholders and respect their rights and interests.

Market Potential

The demand for Lithium is expected to increase significantly in the coming years due to its crucial role in the production of electric vehicle batteries and energy storage systems, driven by the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market.


With our expertise in mineral exploration and our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, we are well-positioned to unlock the potential of the Lithium deposit and create value for our shareholders and stakeholders.


Li-ion battery prices fell from 2010, making EVs more affordable​


Percentage that EV sales rose in 2020 YoY, breaking all records​


How much EV battery demand nearly increases by 2030


Countries fully phasing out fossil fuel cars over the next 10-30 years

Geological Summary of Holes NN2001 thru NN2208

Generally, mineralization is found in three distinct horizons of silty, weakly calcareous, claystone and with seams of blue-grey clay. Sedimentary textures are not well preserved in the chips, so the depositional environment is not clear, but it is thought to be in a lakebed environment. Rocks between the productive horizon are mostly reduced felsic air fall tuffs and tuffaceous siltstone. All holes ended in coarse cobble to pebble conglomerate or ash flow tuff. The lower tuff shows moderate propylitic alteration with replacement of mafic minerals by chlorite and disseminated pyrite.